Saturday, June 20, 2009


Just wainting on my Mom to arrive to pick me up to leave on the annual Henry Family Vacation! We are traveling to my brother-in-law's lake house on Crooked Lake near Angola, Indiana ... way up north almost to the Michigan border.

We will be joined by Mom and Dad Henry, Stephen, Rudy, Carol, Greg, Andrew, Faith, Philip, Dan, Amy, Jim, Jeff, Skylar, Kaden, Blake, Mike, Peggy, Jeanne, Linda, Scott, Phillip and who knows if this is everyone or not?!

We have some great plans of tubing, possibly a Cubs/Tigers game in Detroit, and Cedar Point. And there is always room for shopping, but not really any good shopping close by. I will post some pictures later in the week.

Hope everyone has a great week..... and we will be praying for Jenna


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Sunroom

Our Sunroom!

Show Us Where You Live Friday.... Extra spaces!

This is where my boys spend all their time....watching tv, playing wii, playing pool, or playing cards with their friends! This is an awesome room with tons of windows and light. We love it and I hope you do too!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to work

Don't you just love vacation? I know I do, but the return to work and housework in just plain torture! After a relaxing week in Ft Myers Beach we return to car repairs on my car, Patrick has wreck on Saturday (he is not so good) and then our garage door breaking today, so we are basically captives in our own home...hahaha Dave is working on that now but some board pulled away and then a bolt came out and we are just lucky that it didn't smash his car! Then we would really be in a mess. So I am just trying to remain calm for the rest of the day before heading back to the stress and busyness of this week. Hope you have a great one!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow snow go AWAY

I am getting pretty tired of snow. The 8-10 inches last week was just starting to melt when BAM this morning here it comes again. I am ready for 70 and breezy, convertible weather. Wish I was in Florida on the beach enjoying the waves and dolphin show...maybe in a few months. Hope today is better than yesterday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday...started off spilling my whole LARGE diet coke with extra ice in a styrofoam cup all over the electronics and radio in my car. Could somebody please tell Saab that we americans like our drinks and need REAL drink holders in cars. Then as usual the normal crazy work Monday which never ends. But the good news is tomorrow I get color and a hair cut......woo hoo!!!! Wash that gray away : ) !!!!! So I am off to another busy week, Tuesday dance classes with my hubby and Wednesday IU game with my boys! FUN!! I miss my PCC, wish he would come home sometime and see his Mom. Gotta get back to working!

Friday, January 30, 2009

His mercies are new every morning

Had a visit from a friend today, that was a reinforcement that God Is So Good! We just need to TRUST HIM! I am being reminded of this daily from the blogs I read and the life I live that He is always there, always beside us, always guiding us... if we will just TRUST. So today I am praising God for a new job for a good friend, a man of God. Who has continued to trust Him. Thank you Jesus!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Isn't it great when the weekend rolls around (and you're not on call). I am enjoying time off now more than ever. It seems there is always an endless supply of laundry, cleaning, projects that are calling my name. I am catching up on some blog reading tonight, hoping to catch some positive updates on some very ill little ones out in blog world. Isn't it funny how these people quickly become our friends... friends in blog land that is. Well I must go for tonight, one last check for updates. Good luck to my friend Holly who is starting a blog and should probably write a book instead (it pays) because her life is better (or worse!..LOL) than a soap opera! GOOD LUCK HOLLY!