Friday, October 14, 2011

This time last year

Taking a trip down memory lane... this time last year my husband and I were blessed (by the company he works for) to take a Mediterranean Cruise... it was the trip of a lifetime for us!

The cruise departed from Venice, Italy

Next was on to Bari, Italy

Next was Olympia(Greece), which was incredible!

Next stop was Ephesus (Greece), which was breathtaking (and tiring... LOL) I had just had major back surgery 5 weeks prior to the trip after falling off a ladder and breaking my back! Ouch!

On to Istanbul, which is very much a "big" city atmosphere... hustle, bustle and traffic, oh my!

Next was Dubrovnik, Croatia (one of my favorite stops!) so peaceful and relaxing!

Last stop before a LONG flight home... back to Venice for a rainy, dreary day... wish I could have posted more photos... but blogger was being way too slow!

Thanks for taking a look!!!